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I am Kousuke from Japan.

I live in Yokohama, Kanagawa.

I'm teaching Japanese.

My hobby is music.

And to be friends with many people.

I hope we could learn together!

certificates, experience

graduated Japanese Language Teaching 420 hour Course

passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

teaching Japanese as a volunteer for foreign people in Japan​

working for 5 years in a Japanese school in Tokyo​


my thoughts

"I am Japanese."  "I have certificates."

I don't think that I can teach only with above thinking.

I need to learn for teaching.

I also am teaching with learning how to teach.

I am looking forward to seeing your faces

with the expression "I got it!"

why I decided to teach Japanese

I was learning English and German when I was in University. To learn English in Japan is mostly not for being an English speaker but for taking exams or getting higher position in business. But since I learned English and German in university, I could get many friends. Learning English and German made my world bigger. I would like to say thank you to English, German and my teachers.

I would be glad if I could make your world bigger with teaching Japanese in this time.​ Please make your world wider learning so hard!

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