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Rules and the booking

​If you want to learn with me for the first time, please leave me a message before booking :)

​▼Please follow the rules below.


​▶Trial lesson takes 25mins, and regular lesson takes 50mins for one lesson.

▶You don't need any textbooks. I will prepare the lessons.​​​​​​​​

▶I will make lessons in Japanese. If you learn for the first time, I will use a bit English.

▶Please prepare your Computer or tablet. And we need Internet to have lessons.

▶We will have lessons with Zoom. Please prepare Zoom. (It's for free)

▶If you want to cancel a lesson, 70% of the lesson fee will be returned. It cannnot be canceled within 24 hours before the lessons.

▶Multiple lessons can't be canceled or refunded. When you want to change the date and time, please send me a message by 24 hours before the lesson. It can't be changed the date and time within 24 hours.

​▶In case you use convenience store payment, please pay before the lesson. If payment cannot be confirmed, the lesson will not be provided.

▶If you are 10 minutes late for the lesson time, the lesson will not be provided. In that case, no refund will be given.

▼how to book "one lesson/multiple lessons"

▼book the lessons

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