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my history

my starting point

March, 2013

I graduated my university. By the way, I have learned English and German at university. When I was high school student, I thought that to learn languages is for exams or business, not for communication. But learning English and German at university, I could meet so many people in the world, not only in Japan. Learning English and German made my world bigger. I want to say "thank you" to English and German, and of course to my teachers. Now, I want to support you to make your worlds bigger, by teaching Japanese. Please make your futures wider by learning much. My starting point where I thought I wanted to be a Japanese teacher was there on my university life. ​ 

Japanese teaching volunteer

April, 2013

I started teaching Japanese at a Japanese volunteer class in Yokosuka where I grew up. In Yokosuka, there is American base, so there are so many people from various countries. Here is a very diverse city. I have grown up since I was a child, but I noticed for there first time after starting this volunteer that there are so many people who needs to learn Japanese, or who needs where they are through learning Japanese. Supporting them by teaching Japanese, succeeding or mistaking... I also could learn so much things there. Then I came to consider strongly "I can support various people's life by teaching language. I want to do this for my life!"

working at Japanese school

June, 2016

I started working at a Japanese language school in Tokyo. Supporting foreign students with their visas or their life in Japan, I made various things for them at school as office worker. After getting Japanese teacher's certificate in 2017, I started teaching Japanese in classrooms. Not only teaching Japanese, but also supporting various things for students from all over the world, making communication, scolding and praising for their future, I could have precious experience. When students graduated, the students whom I scolded, said to me "Thank you very much". I was really glad when I could get that words after all. I taught Japanese to students from Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Japanese Teacher Test

february, 2017

I passed Japanese Teacher Test held by Zenyoukyou organization.

Japanese Language Teaching course

September, 2017

I graduated Japanese Language Teaching 420 hour course at Sendagaya Japanese Teaching Institute. I shared precious time with classmates who were aiming to Japanese teacher. I could get so much knowledge and experience.​

Japanese Language Competency Test

December, 2017

I passed Japanese Language Competency Test that I took on October, 2017. When I received the certificate, I felt like I could advance more. I was really really happy then. 

teaching on YouTube

February, 2019

I started teaching Japanese on YouTube, not only at Japanese language school. Teaching Japanese only at school till now, but I noticed that there are so many people who wants to learn Japanese in the world, not only in the classroom, so I share Japanese teaching Videos to the world. When I have time, I am making videos, mainly JLPT grammar videos. Please check them as well, if you like.



​I left Japanese language school in Tokyo, I started teaching Japanese as a freelancer. Starting teaching on YouTube, I noticed again that there are so many people who wants to learn Japanese in the world. I will support you who are learning Japanese in the world continually at various places and on Internet. Having thankful feeling to whom chose and learn Japanese from so many languages in the world, I will do my best for being your power more. Thank you so much!

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