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how to book lessons

If you book for the first time, please message me. Let's talk how we will start learning.

Please read the rules below.

Tap the "booking" button below. Select a course and choose when you want to learn from the calendar. The timetable is the time where you are.

Please pay your lesson fee. You can use bank transfer, creditcards, PayPal, PayPay, Pay-easy, Alipay and convenience store payment.

If you paid, the booking is completed. Let's meet and learn on the date.


▶You don't need any textbooks. I will prepare the lessons.​​​​​​​​

▶I will make lessons in Japanese. If you learn for the first time, I will use a bit English.

▶Please prepare your Computer or tablet. And we need Internet to have lessons.

▶We will have lessons with Zoom. Please prepare Zoom. (It's for free)

▶If you want to cancel, I will return 70% of lesson fee. You cannnot cancel within 24 hours before lessons.

▶有料プラン (multiple lessons) can not be canceled or refunded. When you want to change the date and time, please send me a message by 24 hours before the lesson. I can not change the date and time within 24 hours.

​▶In case you use convenience store payment, please pay before the lesson. If payment cannot be confirmed, I will not provide the lesson.

▶If you are 10 minutes late for the time, I will not make the lesson. In that case, no refund will be given.

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